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You may have first seen US Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan wear something similar to Benchmark's American Shemagh (pronounced šmāġ). The Shemagh has many names and crosses into many cultures. Some people call it a keffiyeh, hattah, ghutrah or headscarf. Regardless of what you refer to this cloth as, they are commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from the sun, sandstorms, and dust. Made from lightweight and breathable materials they are perfect for warm weather. Shemaghs or keffiyeh, traditionally worn in the Middle East with vibrant colors and distinct patterns, have become part of US military uniforms because they are practical in warm, arid climates and can even help keep ward off the chill in more temperate climates "American Shemagh" is based on our patent pending design for the FR "Face Muffler." It is constructed from inherently flame resistant materials and made in the USA. It was originally developed with an electrical utility to help folks who are drilling into creosote poles during windy conditions. Since it's release, it has become popular for workers who wear FR in dry, arid conditions. Made in the USA. Skin Safe. American Shemagh comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty, just do not lose it and we will replace it for free.

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